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Date: 30/03/21

Fit out your van with Armorgard

Don’t let your prized possessions become part of a statistic… 
We have the perfect van storage solutions to take your tool storage and security to the next level!

>> TKD

Big on organisation? The TrekDror range is your perfect match.

Our TrekDror comes in three different stackable sizes, so you can load up your gear to the max! It also has the facility to bolt to your van for extra protection against thieves.

Step up your already organised TrekDror with its accessories.The TrekDror dividers come in a pack of three which can be placed in eight different ways. This gives you many different options to organise your tools in the best way for you! It’s rubber fluted mats provide excellent grip and prevent damage to your tools when on the move.

You’ll wonder why you didn’t get one sooner…


>> TSC1 

Keep your equipment organised and accessible with the TuffStor Cabinet.

Offering the same level of security as a conventional site safe with 5 lever deadlocks, but with  the advantage of using less floor space. Meaning you can always fit all your gear in the van and have access to a safe, organised storage unit. 

Available in 3 different sizes suitable for your vehicle, you won't have to compromise on space again.

>> OxBox

Wave goodbye to your beaten up tool chest and say hello to the OxBox. 

The OxBox has just recently celebrated its 10th birthday, it has been keeping tools safe and secure for over a decade. 

Lock it, load it, take it on the job with you. The OxBox comes in six different sizes, some of  which are perfect to fit in your van to take on the move, others for your workshop or on site. 

>> TuffBank

Tackle tool theft and scale up with our TuffBank

TheTuffBank possesses unique features for ultimate safety and security; It’s hardened steel plates and anti-jemmy features make it virtually impossible to break into. Even better, it’s accredited by the police, and available in 8 different sizes.

There really is a TuffBank for everyone.


check out our van box range here