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Date: 30/10/18

Modular technology housing solution

Modular technology: a post-Brexit affordable housing solution?

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With the financial services company Legal and General planning to deliver 3,500 modular homes a year via it's modular factory near Leeds, could there be a post-Brexit upside for UK housebuilding?

Brexit is happening whether we want it or not. The construction industry in the UK must prepare, and embrace the changes and opportunities that will come from Britain leaving the European Union.

Of course we can be certain of some form of disruption occurring throughout the UK come Brexit-time. So what opportunities can Brexit provide to the construction industry in the UK?

There will be a need to boost the domestic skills base, and also a focus on innovation of construction methods to deal with an increased limitation on resources.

The most obvious solution will be the promotion of offsite construction and a pre-modular approach to building works, particular housebuilding.

Think of IKEA, but on a much bigger scale - modular homes constructed from “modules” that are pre-built off-site in factories and then brought to site to finish the construction.

Modular homes that are precision-engineered, digitally designed, eco-efficient, slashing energy bills and affordable. Not just affordable to build, but to live in.

Modular technology is also very quick to assemble - some estimates put completion rates at 60 per cent quicker than traditional construction.

As well as being quick to assemble, it is quick, and more sustainable, to disassemble i.e. relocated somewhere else, providing a permanent solution in a temporary location.

Another key benefit of modular homes is the ability to use small plots of land that aren’t easily accessible; the homes aren’t built from scratch, reducing the size of the building sites and the number of lorries, mixers, plant, equipment, materials and labour.

Plus building homes in a controlled environment means you can guarantee quality and deliver it, which means keeping costs down - an ideal solution for social rented homes sectors or targeting first-time buyers at the bottom of the affordability scale. 

Do you think modular technology could be a post-Brexit affordable housing solution?