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Date: 11/03/21

There’s a story behind every Armorgard product

There’s a reason why people choose to protect their tools using the best of the best. With market leading van storage boxes, we’re going to tell a couple of stories about people who have asked for Armorgard...

Protecting livelihoods

Gary Wynder is an Electrician who had previously been a victim of tool theft of over £3,000. He invested in an Armorgard TuffBank to give him real peace of mind knowing that his power tools are being protected by a police accredited storage box!

  • “I am very pleased with my Armorgard product - it fits into my van perfectly, and it looks strong and sturdy enough to resist even the most determined thief!” - Gary Wynder, JIB Electrician

Gary Wynder, email (2)

It’s important for tools to be kept safe, and organised too! Graham has 3 TrekDrors, and uses 2 different sizes stacked and mounted in his van using the TrekDror stacking and mounting kits.

  • “Not only do I feel confident that my tools are safe, but I am now well organised.” - Graham Wilson, Carpenter

Graham Wilson by email (2)

When you need your tools and equipment to work, you can’t afford risking tool theft. Luckily, Marc’s all set with his Armorgard OxBox that he keeps in his van during the day and TuffBank that is bolted down in his garage when he’s not at work.

  • “I had to invest in Armorgard due to the amount of tools being stolen out of vans.” - Marc Gamble, Electrician

Marc Gamble from Twitter

Many people use our TrekDrors because they are so secure and space saving. Just like James, who bought two units to bolt down in his van. He also uses the stacking kit to secure one on top of the other!

  • “The TrekDrors are brilliant! Amazing to see how much kit you can fit in them. They also save me time because I don’t have to go inside my van to get the tools out.” - James B, Tradesman

James Bruton from Twitter (3)

Don't be a victim of tool theft…

Ask for security.

Ask for the best.


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