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Date: 11/07/19

Top 5 tips to keep your tools safe

At Armorgard we know how important your tools are to you, and that’s why we work tirelessly, every day to deliver the best secure storage that helps you to prevent tool theft.

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With a van being broken into every 23 minutes, tool theft in the UK is rife. It’s time to make your van safe; throw out DIY van security and reward yourself and your tools with purpose built, tested and certified, secure storage.

Step 1 - take your storage seriously

The harder your tools are to get to, the better. Creating a van vault is one thing, but securing tools in a purpose-built security storage box within your van is an added deterrent. Invest wisely in your storage as it will be protecting your livelihood.

Step 2 - be discrete

Help yourself by keeping your tools out of clear sight. Some tools are colourful and easily noticed, so refrain from leaving your tools on show or unsecured.

Step 3 - park for prevention

When you are leaving your van unattended, park smart. Use your surroundings as an added protection, parking sliding doors or rear opening doors against walls or thick bushes makes it harder for thieves to gain access. Be the hardest van to break into.

Step 4 - make your mark

Marking your tools with something distinctive makes them personal to you and therefore easily identifiable if they were to be stolen. This will also make your tools harder to sell on.

Step 5 - check your insurance

If worst comes to the worst and your tools are stolen, it is best to be prepared. Make it easy in the long run by keeping a list of every tool you own complete with photos and serial numbers and ensure they are all covered by your insurance policy.

With our van security top tips we hope to help protect you from tool theft.

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