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Date: 22/11/22

Invest in Armorgard, invest in yourself

Are your tools your livelihood? Do you use them every day to get your job done?

If you're reading this, the answer is probably yes. 

Owning hundreds, if not thousands of dollars worth of tools, makes insuring them a non negotiable.

Tool insurance company Builtin Insurance are well known experts in the trade. With a range of packages and insurance options, they understand all the frustrations you may have, which is why it's so easy to find the best solution to keep your kit covered with them.

NZ stolen tools

“I like the guys at Builtin because they are a personable, family business that cares about their customers, just like we do. They’re also specialists in construction, so I can rely on them to give us the cover we need.”

Sam McCarthy from McCarthy Builders Limited 

We’re really happy to share that Builtin’s has recently updated their Tool Insurance Policy; so that your burglary excess can now be reduced from $1000 to $500 if you install an Armorgard secure storage box in your vehicle!

With tool theft on the rise, knowing that your tools are safe in your van is an invaluable feeling, and you can have peace of mind today! 

Like what Builtin says… You can rely on us.

Get in touch with the team here to discuss which secure tool storage product is best for your set up 0800 826 828.

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