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Date: 16/11/22

Work Shouldn't Hurt!

CHASNZ is a charitable trust, founded in 2018, created to promote safe practices in the lives of construction workers. The main purpose behind this organisation is to be the catalyst for change in general health & safety on sites, as well as how people view worker safety.

Injury claims have been steadily increasing for years and sadly construction sites are the deadliest workplaces in New Zealand.

Credit: CHASNZ

ACC is backing CHASNZ to raise the standard across health and safety culture through promotion and protection initiatives, and one such initiative is the Work Should Not Hurt programme. WSNH aims to make sure trade persons can enjoy their career without pain and not be forced into retirement due to injury.

The mission behind Work Should Not Hurt fits in exactly with our goals, to promote safer construction sites and working conditions for tradesmen. Making daily tasks not only more efficient and quicker, but safer for those behind the tools.

This is why Armorgard’s range of Manual Handling products and Work Platforms and Units are so vital to have on construction sites. Not only do they increase site safety, they also ensure that jobs are carried out with best practice, in the most efficient way. Aiding these much needed changes within the industry…

The CuttingStation is an advocate for safe cutting and is a site favourite for best practice. It also means construction workers can cut materials at a safe working height, with adequate lighting, all year round.

The FlexiKart is the ideal solution to transporting different size materials with a load capacity of up to 750kg! No matter how awkward the shape, the FlexiKart’s versatile design means that it can not only carry bulky materials, but seamlessly fits through doorways as well. It definitely lives up to its name! 

The LoadAll LA750-PRO board trolley is a unique product that solves the problem of lifting and shifting large sheet materials. Instead of increasing the strain and pressure on workers' backs, the LA750-PRO allows you to neatly stack the boards and secure them to the H-frame. With the ability to fit through standard doorways whilst maintaining complete control, this product takes all the effort out of manual handling.

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